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We offer Professional Jewelry Appraisals for your newly purchased Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring or other recently inherited Fine Jewelry items.

Whether it is for Insurance Replacement regarding a loss, theft or for estate purposes, a proper jewelry appraisal is paramount. Our trusted jewelry appraisers have well over 20 years of industry experience with qualifications from respected industry organizations like the “Gemological Institute of America (GIA)”

Now that you know where to get jewelry appraised in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, simply call us at (604) 243-1292 today for your jewelry appraisal appointment.


You do not require an appointment; our staff members will take your jewellery in and issue you a claim slip with a photo of your jewellery.
If you have any previous appraisals, certificates or receipts, including them can assist the gemologist in providing the most accurate description and estimate of value.
The American Gemological Society (AGS) recommends having your appraisal updated every two years. Ask your insurance company for their recommendation.
Yes each item is photographed and the colour photo forms a part of the appraisal.